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Global Regulatory News and Databases

Staying current on global trends and regulatory changes relevant to your organization, jurisdiction and industry is both time critical and costly. The SAI Global Newsfeeds and Knowledgebases save you time, resource and money by providing you with this knowledge in user-friendly, easy-to-navigate formats. We provide a wealth of global legal and regulatory intelligence in regular updates as well as searchable online databases covering up to 170 major jurisdictions.

FREE - SAI Global World Watch: Ethics, Culture & Compliance - FREE

A free global newsfeed providing a weekly digest of trends, cases, articles and best practice in ethics, compliance and workplace culture around the world.  Select news from twenty specific risk areas and regional and/or global coverage to target information to just what you need.

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SAI Global AML Knowledgebase

The essential online resource for MLROs and all anti-money laundering professionals. Contains country risk profiles, warnings, sanctions, case studies, plus a rich database of typologies. All subscribers receive the SAI Global World Watch: AML – a weekly newsfeed service delivering global AML intelligence direct to your inbox.

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SAI Global Privacy Knowledgebase

An online, searchable database for data protection, privacy, legal and compliance professionals. Includes in-depth analysis of privacy legislation and regulation across multiple jurisdictions. All subscribers receive the SAI Global World Watch: Privacy – a weekly newsfeed providing global privacy and data protection intelligence direct to your inbox.

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grc community

Learn & NetworkSAI Global GRC Community

News, insights, opinions, events, and resources of value to compliance, legal, risk, ethics and audit professionals.

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AML KnowledgebaseAML Database Demo

See the AML database in action.

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enhancing the value of your compliance metrics

Getting the Most From Your Ethics Hotline DataIntegrate hotline and case management

Learn how a hotline provides more than the basics - it gives insight into the leading indicators for your entire compliance and ethics programme.