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Best Practices Code of Conduct Training

We know that Code training - like most compliance and ethics training - works best when it "comes alive" and employees can view and react to realistic situations and scenarios.  Our innovative approach to Code training gives you the freedom and control to:

  • choose the topics and scenarios that most effectively communicate your Code
  • customize appropriate elements of those scenarios for an internal Code 
  • customize apropriate elements of those scenarios for a Supplier Code of Conduct 
  • present one unified message worldwide, but in the language of the learner

The SAI Global Best Practices Code of Conduct library offers multiple options and every segment is easily and quickly customizable so that your Code looks and feels like it was created just for you.  Regardless of your organization's size or complexity you can choose and customize an effective method to best engage, motivate and challenge staff and improve awareness of the key values of your organization.    

Our Best Practices Code of Conduct library offers:  

  • more than 150 content segments that allow you to vary seat time, highlight and provide job-relevant content and vary your presentation year-to-year
  • multiple translations on the shelf, many in up to 50 languages
  • global, US-specific and EU-specific content
  • a variety that lets you keep your Code "fresh" - change segments annually or biannually to better engage staff
  • the ability to provide users with valuable, real-world scenarios in our award-winning story-based  format to challenge and motivate
  • links to relevant policies, contact information, certifications, disclosures and FAQs
  • emphasis on the importance of 'Tone at the Top' with introductory and/or concluding messages from key executives
  • the option of customizing content by adding your own annotations for items such as specific policy statements or clarifications  

Here are just a few of the areas from which you can create a course using our Best Practices segments:

  • Anti-bribery and anti-corruption
  • Careful communications and proper use of computers 
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Gifts, hospitality and entertainment
  • Harassment & discrimination 
  • Insider dealing/insider trading
  • Internet and email usage
  • Respect in the workplace
  • Social media 

Contact us for more information about our Best Practices Code of Conduct training or for access to our DemoZone to preview the segments that best fit your business needs.


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