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Commentaries by Law, Ethics, Risk and Governance Advisors

SAI Global is proud to work with leading subject matter experts in the field of governance, risk and compliance.

Some of our experts help us develop new courses, update existing courses to stay current with developing law, and create refresher and follow-on courses.

Others offer insight into the legal, regulatory and ethical issues that present compliance, governance and risk challenges to organizations around the world.

In each of the 4-to-6 minute videos in our Expert Commentary Series, an expert presents a practical explanation and insight into one of these issues.

We welcome you to view our Expert Commentaries:

Paula Davis discusses anti-bribery risk assessments

Paul Rew discusses third-party due diligence in light of bribery and corruption risk

Sam Eastwood addresses the issue of facilitation payments as they relate to FCPA and the UK Bribery Act

Sam Eastwood addresses the issue of gifts, hospitality and entertainment in relation to the UK Bribery Act

Sam Eastwood discusses the importance of Top Level Commitment (Tone at the Top) when meeting the challenges of the UK Bribery Act

Industry experts (including Vivian Robinson QC, General Counsel SFO) share their insights into how businesses need to prepare for the UK Bribery Act

Professor David Lewis, Middlesex University (UK), discusses the key findings from his whistleblowing research report "Whistleblowing Procedures in the UK Top 250 FTSE Firms"

Karen Corman Gives Tips on Employee Training to Prevent Workplace Discrimination

Karen Corman Gives Tips on Employee Training to Prevent Harassment in the Workplace

Pat Ellisen Gives Tips on Employee Training to Protect Intellectual Property

Mike Fischer Gives Tips on Employee Training to Comply With ADA Regulations

Dr. Rush Kidder Discusses the Really Tough Questions of Right vs. Right and How Individuals and Organizations Can Become Ethically Fit.

Dr. Rush Kidder Provides Guidance on How Organizations Can Teach Ethics That's 'Beyond Compliance'

Dr. Rush Kidder Defines the Ethical Decision Making Process Developed by IGE and the Ethical Framework Teaching that Can Improve Organizational Behaviour

Paul McNulty Gives Tips on FCPA and Anti-Corruption Compliance

Alice Peterson Discusses How Hotline Data Improves a Compliance Program

Bill Roberts Gives Tips on Training Requirements for Government Contractors

Lori Tansey Martens Gives Tips on Ethics Training for Organizations

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