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SAI Global Property Executive Team
Peter Mullins – CEO.
Peter is an international business transformation specialist and the man responsible for turning round the fortunes of leading UK businesses, National Providence Insurance and Unisys Insurance Ltd, Peter Mullins, was appointed SAI Global Property’s CEO in 2014.

Amanda Baker, Head of Industry Development, SAI Global Property Division
Amanda’s role as Head of Industry Development sees her work closely with government, industry bodies, banking and conveyancing professionals giving her unique insight into the broader conveyancing ecosystem and how each element impacts the businesses of our conveyancing professionals and banking clients and their end customers. A self-confessed electronic conveyancing nerd with 25 years’ experience across lending, business development and operational roles, Amanda has spent the past 5 years closely associated with the progress of the national government initiative.


Ann Wootton, Director Property, SAI Global Property Division
Ann has worked with clients globally, including many Fortune 500 companies as well as major Australian corporations and financial institutions and heads up SAI Global’s Property division. Prior to SAI’s property business, she was President and GM of SAI Global’s Americas Compliance division and GM of the APAC Compliance division.






Gina Assimakis, GM National Operations, SAI Global Property Division
Previously our organisational development manager, Gina is responsible for the end-to-end mortgage and settlement process at SAI Global focusing on improving the existing service delivery, leadership growth within state operational sites and meeting the challenges of electronic settlements.





Chantel Christensen - Head of Business Development - Mortgage Services. 
Chantel and her team are responsible for Business Development & Customer Relationships for SAI Global Property's mortgage services customers. Chantel has held many roles within the settlement industry over the past 14 years, with 7 of those years being with SAI Global. Her last role being the Victorian Operations Manager. Chantel’s experience within Operations & Business Development combined has resulted in Chantel becoming an expert on the end-end mortgage process, and success drivers for Financial Institutions. This enables the team to support and consult SAI Global customers, from day to day process, to long term strategy leading into the electronic environment. Chantel is also on the committee to assist with the Electronic Strategy for Financial Institutions.

Benjamin Balk, General Manager Product and Marketing, SAI Global Property Division

Benjamin oversees the product and information solutions strategy for SAI Global Property Solutions, which includes overseeing the technology based information product offerings provided to conveyancing professionals.  Constantly looking for innovative solutions to solve problems, Benjamin’s mission is to help conveyancers and solicitors and the banking and finance sector to improve industry engagement and efficiency for the benefit of all those involved in property transactions.

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