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VIC Department of Human Services Standards Program

“The standards and the review process support the One DHS Strategy by seeking to ensure that people experience the same quality of service no matter what service they are accessing.”

Department of Human Services Victoria

Victorian DHSS Program

This program applies to DHS funded service providers in Victoria. It is an independent assessment to certify that they meet the Department of Human Services Standards set down by the Department of Human Service (DHS) Victoria.

The Department of Human Services Standards are intended to:

  • Develop a common and systemic approach to quality review processes
  • Embed and promote rights for people accessing services
  • Assure the community and partners that organisations are providing services that meet clients’ needs
  • Build greater transparency in quality requirements between the department, service providers, clients and the community
  • Reduce the number of Standards, indicators and quality reviews required for DHS funded services
  • Foster a culture of continual improvement.

 A caring approach

SAI Global is a leading certification body that currently audits to the QLD Disability Service Program and against Commonwealth Disablity Standards. We are in the unique position of experience with:
  • Using an auditor and an ATSU (Audit Trained Service User - a person eligible to be a member of the audit team, who is either a person with a disability within the meaning of the Disability Act 2006 who has experience as a service user of a disability support service, or a family member or primary carer of such a person)
  • Our audit teams know how the disability services industry works and the competing responsibilities and priorities for disability service providers alongside the needs and wishes of service users
  • SAI Global has an office and audit team in Victoria, so travel costs are kept to a minimum
  • We have extensive experience with the Disability Services Program in QLD and Commonwealth Disablity Standards with some large clients like the Endeavour Foundation, Karingal Inc. and Yooralla Society of Victoria
  • Our auditors are sensitive and caring to the specific needs of the disability services sector
  • SAI Global is the leading certification body in Australia
  • Once certified by SAI Global you will be eligible to display the highly recognisable “Five Ticks” StandardsMark™ – a sign of quality and excellence in the marketplace.

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VIC Disability Case Study

Take a look at this case study from Karingal - a VIC Disability Service Provider