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SAI Global Total Farm Assurance. Scheme membership of Farm Assurance schemes enables farmers to assure customers, retailers, and consumers of the high quality of their agricultural production.

Benefits of using SAI Global
  • Our portfolio of schemes enables you to satisfy all your farm assurance needs in a single visit, reducing time and overall cost
  • Schemes are independently assessed by us to deliver confidence to the consumer
  • Reduces the need for further customer and official inspections
  • Our highly trained team of inspectors all have wide experience in the industry
  • Expert agricultural scheme managers work closely with industry stakeholders
    to answer all your technical questions
  • Our customer focused team of administrators are available to help with any of
    your general queries.
SAI Global believes it:
  • Is independent and is not dominated by any one interest or company
  • Covers all of the major enterprises
  • Reduces the need for a multitude of company and buyer specific audits
  • Integrated audits reduce replication, cost and time
  • Has credibility through its rigorous standards (EN45011) 
  • Traceability checks provide credibility to both consumers and producers
  • Reduces the burden of official inspections through adding robustness to “Voluntary Initiatives”
  • Provides a price differential to assured producers of Beef and Lamb (Eblex)
Local Authorities:
  • have reduced their inspection frequency to assured farms
  • Saves industry and local authorities money
  • Trading Standards say it ”is a positive step towards a modern approach to enforcing the legislation”
  • are increasingly recognizing the value of farm assurance when making their purchasing decisions (more than 66% shoppers recognise the red tractor logo)
Please select a Farm Assurance scheme from the left hand menu.

Here at SAI Global we are continuously trying to improve our products and services, that’s why hearing what our customers think is criticall. If you would like to send us some feedback on your experience with SAI Global please email us at