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ASC Farm Audit - Public Notices

Global Trust – SAI Global  is the leader in aquaculture certification. We have a world-class aquaculture team that has been delivering assessments and certification to all  the leading aquaculture standards since the 1990s.
We can offer single standard or multi-standard certification using our unique integrated standards framework. Global Trust - SAI Global is in tune with all emerging standards allowing our clients to focus on their business and products.
Global Trust – SAI Global aquaculture team members have a wealth of experience in Feed, Crustacean, Bi-Valve and Finfish aquaculture systems and industry best practices.
Global Trust - SAI Global Products and Services
Global Trust – SAI Global is proud to be a trusted and approved Certification Body for all of the leading Global Standards.
  • Global GAP Standards
  • Global Aquaculture Alliance BAP Standards
  • Certified Quality Salmon / Mussel / Trout Standards
  • Certified Eco-Label Salmon – Seafood Trust
  • Organic Standards
  • IFFO Responsible Supply Standards
  • WWF / ASC Standards
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