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Global Trust - SAI GLOBAL is operational in over twenty six countries and has national, international and exclusive certification contracts involving all of the leading Seafood Standards and Certification Programs.

Global Trust  - SAI GLOBAL offers the most comprehensive range of recognized and accredited certifications and standards services to international fisheries and seafood businesses. Our services can be tailored to suit established or emerging markets and their differing needs.
Global Trust  - SAI GLOBAL delivers the leading fishery certifications. We also act as a certification manager and provide assessment teams for a number of national, state and international fishery management programs.
Given its expertise in fisheries and certification standards, Global Trust - SAI GLOBAL is well positioned to assist seafood buyers with responsible sourcing strategies based on available standards.
Global Trust  - SAI GLOBAL respect and understand the culture and practices within fisheries management, commercial fishing and associated supply chains – we help create solutions for positive communications at the management, fishery, fleet, vessel or product levels.
SAI Global Product and Services:
SAI Global is now is now the fully Accredited Certification Body for the following Fishery standard and program:
  • Marine Stewardship Council Certification (MSC)
Global Trust - SAI Global Products and Services:
Global Trust is proud to be a trusted and approved Certification Body for the following Fishery standards and programs:
  • UN FAO Based Responsible Fisheries Management Certification (FAO)
  • Responsible Fishing Practices Certification (RFS)
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