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Target Your Improvements for Best ResultsCreating Value from Your Environmental Management System

Assess your Organisation's Processes against the Business Excellence Framework

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Increased Output, Reduced CostReal Benefits - Six Sigma

One of our Six Sigma clients increased output by 150,000 pounds per month and reduced energy consumption by 17%.

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10 Ways We Help You Drive Improvement10 Ways We Help You Drive Improvement

Learn about 10 essential steps for improvement.

We can empower organisations and their people to implement and maintain effective management systems and process improvement programmes by equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills which will deliver:

  • Improved quality and consistency
  • Higher customer satisfaction and fewer complaints
  • Reduced cost due to inefficiency or rework
  • Productivity gains through people and process
  • Increased profitability
  • Engaged and empowered staff
  • Better risk management
  • Systems that support your current and future goals
  • Lasting improvements and sustainable performance

Implementing a specifically designed program can impact directly on business results and can help you to align business activity with objectives. Our suite of programs have been crafted in ways to suit your unique requirements. Our solutions include:


Process Improvement Programs, Tools & Technology >>

Whether your goal is to reduce costs, improve efficiency, do more with less or continually improve core processes, we offer a range of programs and tools based on internationally recognised frameworks and techniques to achieve measurable returns. 


Organisational Excellence, Assessments, Programs & Tools >>

For organisations requiring a more holistic and integrated approach to improvement, our Business Excellence programs and tools add value to systems or process investment, enhance stakeholder confidence and target organisation-wide opportunities for improvement.


Business Excellence Framework & Awards >>

The Business Excellence Framework describes an integrated approach to leadership and management that is based on the proven practice capable of achieving outstanding success and sustainability, and provides practical guidance to any organisation. The prestigious and nationally recognised Australian Business Excellence Awards present an opportunity for organisations to be assessed against the principles of the Framework.


In-house Training is a cost-effective solution for groups of participants, or for larger scale engagement to support specific business initiatives.

Training & Improvement Needs Analysis >>
Learning specialists work with you to understand your desired business outcomes/current skills and practices, and then recommend ways to close capability gaps through a solution that best suits your needs.

Workplace Coaching & Support >>
This offers practical reinforcement of classroom learning accelerating skill development and improving performance and productivity to maximise your training investment.