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Delivered in a controlled environment:
Having training delivered conveniently to your work-site maintains the confidentiality of your systems and processes and enables our industry experts to make the learning relevant to your workplace context. This strategy is particularly beneficial if you are seeking to review and improve on your operation and management systems.

Demonstrate practical applications on-site:
Training employees on-site enhances their learning capability by focusing on developing skills that are relevant to their work role. Whether its complying with OH&S systems to reduce lost time, or improving your management systems and procedures to drive efficiencies, on-site delivery supports better transfer of knowledge and skills to the workplace. SAI Global can deliver targeted on-site programs to achieve behavioral changes that translate into sustainable business performance.

Build on team dynamics:
By drawing on the experiences of team members and engaging in structured professional conversations, your employees become more receptive towards change and embracing new initiatives. A variety of training techniques can be used to facilitate team interactions, such as role play, case studies and “live” scenario training based on real workplace situations.

Reduced expenses:
Save on travel and accommodation expenses and minimize the downtime involved with training employees off-site.

Greater information retention:
One of the most fundamental methodologies in effective adult learning is team interaction. Our experience shows that groups of 10 or more employees participating in the same session retain more information. Review of learning through interactive discussions between participants after the completion of formal training is encouraged by our facilitators to enhance learning outcomes.

Increased employee productivity and lower turnover rates:
Investing in your employee’s development means they can invest their knowledge into your business. This encourages employees to excel on a daily basis through increased productivity, enhanced decision making capabilities and confidence in achieving organizational success.