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A History of Enabling Effective Compliance

SAI Global began operations in 1922 and became a publicly-listed corporation in Australia (ASX:SAI) in 2003.

The SAI Global Compliance Division was formed in January, 2007, following the acquisitions of Easy i in May, 2005; Lawlex (Anstat) in August, 2005; and Midi in January, 2007.  In order to meet the evolving needs of compliance, ethics, legal and risk management professionals around the world, SAI Global acquired Compliance 360 GRC Solutions in January, 2012; Integrity Interactive in September, 2010; Cintellate EH&S Software in October, 2009; Syrus Global in April, 2009; and 80-20 Software in February, 2008.

Each of these companies had a history of entrepreneurship and innovation - some as early as the 1980's - and deep experience in different aspects of the compliance, ethics, risk management and governance business. Together, they form a network of capabilities to enable compliance effectiveness for organizations located around the world.

SAI Global Compliance has full service staffs and management teams located on three continents and serves over a thousand organizations.


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