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GRC Manager

Manage and integrate compliance obligations, risks, controls and governance activities with our web-based software solution.

SAI Global’s SaaS-based GRC Software provides the flexibility you need to manage risks, compliance obligations, and the business processes associated with  incidents and cases. The benefits of such an integrated approach include reduced costs, increased transparency and improved business performance.

Our SaaS-based GRC Software enables you to:

  • Align governance, risk, legal compliance and regulatory compliance to business objectives, risk appetite and risk framework
  • Build solutions consistent with your business requirements
  • Deliver a central repository of all risk and compliance information
  • Reinforce risk ownership
  • Deliver consistency of process
  • Facilitate performance improvement and sustainability
  • Integrate solutions, where appropriate 
  • Improve communication and collaboration

SAI Global's GRC Software offers a range of features that deliver real value to your business: 

  • A high degree of scalability
  • The ability to manage an unlimited number of risk and compliance obligations 
  • Easy configurability to your business process without costly customization 
  • Access and permissions that reflect your business structure 
  • A user interface that is intuitive to the average business user 
  • Dashboard and roll up reporting functionality 
  • Integration with regulatory and risk information services 
  • Easy import of data

SAI Global delivers this solution as Software as a Service (SaaS) which provides risk, compliance, legal, ethics, audit and GRC professionals with significant benefits including: 

  • Easy implementation with minimal IT involvement 
  • Improved information security through secure hosting 
  • Greater business continuity through separation from the business IT platform 
  • Faster issues resolution
  • Simpler and hassle free version updating

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