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Compliance 360® – Healthcare Capabilities

With over 250,000 active users, the Compliance 360 on-demand solution is the most widely used and comprehensive Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solution in the healthcare industry. Compliance 360 will manage all compliance and risk activities thereby enabling increased focus on the core business of providing quality health care. Key capabilities of Compliance 360 for healthcare include:

Policy and Procedure Management

With Policy and Procedure Management, healthcare providers ensure full life-cycle management of policies and procedures including, automatic email reminders, easy keyword searching and customized workflow for collaboration and approval activities. Other key features of the policy management system include the ability to monitor activities through version control, full audit trail capabilities as well as surveys of your employees to ensure they have read and understand each policy. With Policy and Procedure Management, policies and procedures are organized with respect to the regulations that impact your business enabling you to provide real-time evidence of compliance. View Demonstration

Regulatory Intelligence & Content Management

With thousands of regulations such as EMTALA, HIPAA, Reimbursement, OSHA and state-specific regulations, it is very difficult to manage all the regulations that apply to each individual facility in a healthcare network. Most healthcare organizations struggle to stay up to speed with changing regulations and ensure that the appropriate personnel are notified of subsequent changes to standard operating procedures. At the heart of the Compliance 360 solution, the Regulatory & Content Repository is used to gather actionable laws and regulations into a central content repository and provide automated alerts for any changes and disseminate the appropriate information to targeted individuals throughout your organization.

Virtual Evidence Room®

The Virtual Evidence Room is one single place where all your activities are easily tracked and linked back to the related laws, regulations or standards. The unique Virtual Evidence Room facilitates any type of audit, investigation or survey such as a CMS audit, state audit, Joint Commission tracer methodology survey or OIG (Office of the Inspector General) investigation related to claims errors. Armed with this unique capability, you can easily demonstrate proof of compliance for any type of audit, lawsuit or investigation.

Adverse Event Management (Case Management / Incident Management)

The Incident Management module helps healthcare providers manage a wide variety of healthcare issues such as slips and falls, needle sticks, hotline tips, potential fraud and abuse occurrences, audit findings and legal cases. The Incident Module collects, stores, and allows your departmental personnel to collaborate on compliance-related incident information and track progress of investigations. All incident information can be included in reports and graphically represented to demonstrate trends and correlations. Compliance managers will frequently use this area for audit committee meetings and board meeting presentations. Learn More

Automated Self-Assessments

With thousands of regulations impacting the typical healthcare facility, you need the ability to determine key risk areas across various clinical, financial and administrative departments. Routine Self Assessments demonstrate proactive measures established to ensure compliance and thus reduce the likelihood of a failed audit. With Compliance 360, healthcare providers can automatically monitor compliance status using a complete suite of assessment tools that include the ability to distribute risk assessment surveys to targeted employees via email.


Because of mandates concerning Conflict of Interest, patient safety, employee satisfaction and general requirements for rooting out fraud and abuse, healthcare administrators carry the huge burden of collecting and managing vast amounts of data. The Survey module will help you create and manage customizable surveys for any size population – from a few hundred to thousands of employees, contractors and other appropriate contacts. With advanced features such as conditional questions, automated workflow and statistical charting, you can address survey / data collection requirements you never thought possible. Additionally, the Survey module will address areas such as attestations, controls testing and audits. Survey distribution and summarization can be automated for an unlimited number of respondents.

Contract Management

With complex legal requirements such as Stark III and HIPAA Business Associate agreements, keeping track of all your contractual obligations is essential to any healthcare organization. With Contract Management, healthcare providers can create, manage and organize contracts for improved access, collaboration, revisions and approvals, and version control. The system provides automatic e-mail alerts when contracts require review.

Project Management

Effective project management within a healthcare organization most often requires centralized coordination of multiple resources across a variety of departments, disciplines and objectives. With Compliance 360, healthcare providers can create and manage unlimited project types such as for investigations, remediation and audit response. The solution enables enterprise-wide project management using automated task management to promote collaboration and accountability, and provides extensive review and reporting capabilities.

Claims Auditor

The Compliance 360 Claims Auditor helps healthcare providers manage a wide variety of medical claims audits and appeals, including those conducted under the CMS Medicare Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) program. The Claims Auditor is part of the industry leading Compliance 360 solution for healthcare that enables a comprehensive approach to regulatory compliance and risk management through one comprehensive, enterprise-wide platform. Learn More

Executive Dashboard and Comprehensive Reporting

The Compliance 360 solution provides real-time graphical reports on a configurable home page with the capability to highlight compliance exceptions across the organization and examine specific compliance breaches and activities in more detail. Real-time reporting tools provide a global view of all compliance and risk management activities. Extensive drill-down capabilities and comprehensive search provide quick retrieval of needed information.

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

Compliance 360’s Risk Management Solution assists organizations with managing the key elements of an enterprise risk management initiative to enable them to achieve their strategic objectives. Compliance 360 automates processes associated with assessing and monitoring risk, managing the risk response strategy, linking risk management data to compliance activities and providing a global view to all risk-related activities through an executive dashboard. Managers are able to quickly assess problem areas, proactively adjust processes to respond to issues and track progress through reports and automated alerts. The Risk Management solution assists with all the facets of risk management and includes key features such as visual representations of the risk framework, customizable scoring methodology, workflow enabled processing of risk assessments and control tests, and enterprise level visibility and reporting.

As an added benefit that is rapidly growing in importance for many hospitals, risk management assessments are now being included in many of the credit and bond ratings conducted by Standard and Poors and other ratings agencies. The Compliance 360 risk management solution can help hospitals proactively demonstrate their risk management initiatives to help preserve and even improve their ratings relative to others in the market.

Sarbanes-Oxley Management

All publicly traded healthcare organizations are required to comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act in the U.S. and a growing number of privately held organizations are electing to comply with the “best practices” of Sarbanes-Oxley for a variety of reasons such as maintaining adequate bond ratings. Complex and cumbersome spreadsheets do not provide the capability to manage the data for governance, risk and compliance initiatives. Compliance 360’s SOX solution is an integrated part of the single, holistic compliance platform. With this solution, you can manage internal controls for financial reporting while integrating all aspects of SOX compliance such as controls monitoring and testing, documentation, risk evaluation and measurement and monitoring with the enterprise governance, risk and compliance strategy.

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To learn how leading healthcare organizations are using Compliance 360 to minimize their compliance overhead and risks, and how you can be doing the same, contact us today.

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