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Compliance Management

Managing compliance obligations and regulatory changes can be daunting tasks for organizations of all sizes. Compliance Management solutions from SAI Global are used by hundreds of organizations worldwide to mitigate risks caused by gaps in their compliance programs and proactively demonstrate the effectiveness of their programs. Our Advisory Services team provides program assessments to objectively analyze the effectiveness of your program, benchmark it's components, and provide recommendations for addressing potential weaknesses. Our Training solutions are widely used to raise awareness of critical compliance tenants and achieve sustained behavioral changes to effectively mitigate compliance risks. Our compliance software solutions are used to ensure consistency by operationalizing entire compliance programs.


Compliance Management - Training and Awareness

Implemented correctly, employee training is one of the most effective means of communicating your values, principles and compliance expectations, and driving sustained behavioral changes throughout your organization. The correct mix of online and offline training offers a consistent approach allowing you to disseminate a uniform message to widely dispersed employees and business partners while giving learners the flexibility to learn at their own pace. And with full tracking, reporting and certification, employee training provides proof of completion for audit purposes.

With over 500 course titles and up to 50 translations, SAI Global offers one of the most comprehensive and flexible training solutions to improve knowledge, influence attitudes and drive desired behaviors.

Our courseware library encompasses a portfolio of customizable, award-winning, education materials, which can be tailored to reflect your own policies, industry and culture and are available in key risk areas including:

  • AML
  • Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption
  • Careful Communication &
    Proper Use of Computers
  • Competition
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Confidentiality & Intellectual Property
  • Consumer Protection
  • Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability
  • Employment & Workplace Issues
  • Exports, Imports & Trade Compliance
  • Financial Integrity
  • Government Contracting
  • Health, Safety & Environment
  • Information Security
  • Privacy & Data Protection
  • Records Management
  • Respect in the Workplace


Through many years of experience, SAI Global has developed this learning library of unrivalled breadth and depth, but our real value lies in our ability to help clients use these assets to create a learning program customized to their own unique requirements. Our solutions are proven effective - breaking the common barriers to compliance training effectiveness with engaging content delivered in the most appropriate medium for each individual. Our instructional approach helps break down the success-barriers and overcome the preconception that compliance training is dull and boring:

  • Our content is developed with the input of subject matter experts but focuses on what the law means not what the law says
  • We replace complex legalese with scenarios, dilemmas, stories and real-life examples to help employees understand how the law translates into desired behaviors that can then be transferred to the workplace
  • We use interactions designed to make employees think - and often think differently - about situations to challenge existing attitudes and help overcome the preconception that all compliance training is dry, dull and a bit of a chore
  • We enable learners to 'experience' the consequences of risky or non-compliant courses of action in a 'safe' environment through evolving scenarios and storylines

Consulting Services

At SAI Global, we hold ourselves accountable for your success. With a vested interest in your success, we offer planning, tailoring, implementation and optimization services to ensure that our training and awareness solutions fully address your needs. Our primary objective is simple: 100% success with your objectives. We invite you to explore our customer stories and learn more about our consulting services.

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Compliance Management - Software

Ideally, the foundation for an operationalized compliance program includes compliance software applications that are easily used with minimal overhead throughout the organization. Compliance software should enable effective and responsive management of compliance activities related to laws, regulations, standards and internal policies.

The Compliance 360® compliance software solution from SAI Global is used to manage a wide variety of compliance processes and ensure accountability throughout organizations of all sizes. Through the assessment of compliance and regulatory obligations, in conjunction with policy management and incident management, all facilitated by automated workflow, the compliance management software ensures that you are always prepared for any type of audit or exam, as well as executive and board reporting requirements.

The compliance management software solution features key components to automatically monitor pertinent regulations and other requirements, organize compliance documentation, projects and activities, conduct audits and self-assessments, collect and manage issues and incidents, and demonstrate proof of compliance through the Virtual Evidence Room™.
With Compliance 360 Compliance Management, you can address critical requirements:

Repository of Compliance Obligations and Regulatory Intelligence

The compliance management software provides the ability to seamlessly pull in compliance obligations and regulatory content (laws & regulations) into a central content repository with automated alerts of changes. Upon receiving notifications of changes, the compliance management software enables automated assessments to identify the extent of gaps in compliance and subsequent risks.

Virtual Evidence Room™

Through this unique feature in Compliance 360, all policies, surveys, attestations, incidents, activities and documentation are directly linked to specific compliance obligations, laws and regulations to demonstrate proof of compliance in an easily accessible view for internal & external audits. Many organizations use the Virtual Evidence Room to streamline accreditation projects and other forms of regulatory examinations.

Monitoring and Reporting

The compliance management software includes a highly configurable home page that includes graphical reports with drill-down capability for tracking all compliance activities. Think of this as your 'My Compliance' page. At a glance, you can quickly identify hot spots needing attention. The system then directs you as you identify underlying causes and enact resolutions.

Automated Assessments

The compliance management software includes a complete suite of assessment tools to automate monitoring and analysis of gaps related to compliance obligations and regulations.

Project Management

Enterprise-wide project management with automated task management capabilities is included with the compliance management software, to promote collaboration and accountability. The system includes extensive review and reporting capabilities.


Use the compliance management software to manage your knowledge base of authored research and 'frequently asked questions' (FAQ) relative to compliance and legal issues.


Create customized surveys for data collection of any type including attestations and audits. The compliance management software provides automated distribution of surveys to an unlimited number of respondents.


Organize and manage all compliance related meeting activities, record the minutes and attendance, keep track of assigned tasks and link all documentation into your Virtual Evidence Room.

Reporting & Search

Real-time reporting tools provide a global view of all activities related to compliance, and risk management with extensive drill-down capabilities. Comprehensive search capabilities allow for quick retrieval of needed information.

Compliance Management Software Benefits

  • React quickly to changes in compliance obligations, laws, enforcement actions and external events
  • Create a continuous state of readiness for audits, surveys and exams
  • Increase accountability and management visibility into compliance status
  • Decrease labor intensive processes and documentation
  • Enforce standards and consistency throughout your organization
  • Streamline and direct internal audits into areas of high risk of non-compliance
  • Support your overall risk management and governance programs with an integrated, quantifiable view of compliance obligations and regulations

Consulting Services

At SAI Global, we hold ourselves accountable for your success. With a vested interest in your success, we offer planning, tailoring, implementation and optimization services to ensure that our training and awareness solutions fully address your needs. Our primary objective is simple: 100% success with your objectives. We invite you to explore our customer stories and learn more about our consulting services.

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Compliance Management - Advisory Services

Our Advisory Services team works with organizations to enhance and validate the effectiveness of their compliance and ethics (C&E) programs. Our solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs and objectives, whether you are looking for a comprehensive assessment of your organization's entire program or assistance refining select program elements.

Leveraging SAI Global's industry-leading resources and our broad experience, Advisory Services assists companies in nearly every industry, including many among the Fortune 500. The group works closely with Corporate Executives, General Counsels, Compliance Officers and other compliance professionals to help them improve all aspects of their compliance and ethics initiatives.

Led by a Vice President who also serves as the Chief Ethics Officer for SAI Global Compliance Americas, the Advisory Services group consists of experienced and licensed attorneys, former compliance practitioners, data analysts, professional writers and curriculum planning specialists. The group's members are Certified Compliance & Ethics Professionals (CCEPs), active participants in industry groups (including ECOA, SCCE and IAPP) and authors published in Compliance Week, Directors & Boards, Compliance & Ethics Professional, Australia's Keeping Good Companies and other top industry journals.

We can help you apply a values or risk-based approach to reviewing your compliance programs and related employee training. Our Program Assessment service entails a formal, systematic and comprehensive process designed to uncover opportunities for improvement within your program and help you ensure that your program not only addresses your compliance obligations for purposes of defensibility, but also contains best-practice elements to achieve optimal effectiveness.

Our Program Assessment services help you by:

  • Identifying program strengths and opportunities for improvement
  • Providing specific, practical recommendations for those areas where your program can be enhanced
  • Offering an unbiased, outside perspective and introducing innovative new ideas
  • Providing insight that can help prevent C&E failures
  • Creating awareness that helps build and maintain an ethical culture

We can validate your current program through objective, data driven analysis and offer specific guidance that can help you fine-tune specific areas of your program or help you move your program to the next level.
Our comprehensive Program Assessment service covers:

  • Standards and Procedures
  • Incentive and Disciplinary Programs
  • Program Structure
  • Reporting Systems
  • Personnel Screening Practices
  • Response and Prevention
  • Education and Communication
  • Risk Assessment Activities
  • Monitoring and Auditing Systems
  • Third-Party Risk Management
  • Employee Attitudes
  • Overall Culture of Compliance

We can also customize the Assessment to focus on specific program elements at a more granular level.

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