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Cintellate EH&S Software Suite

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Measure, manage and improve your overall EH&S performance

SAI Global's Cintellate™ EH&S Software was developed to support an organization's key Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S) business processes, providing a framework for managing EH&S performance.  Our robust and scalable technology acts as a central repository for capturing and sharing data to build a culture in which the management of environmental, health and safety risks becomes an integral part of everyday, operational activities.

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One of the most flexible offerings in the market, Cintellate will give you visibility and transparency of your EH&S indicators.  It provides your key decision makers with the information they need for taking positive, proactive steps to mitigate EH&S risks enterprise wide.

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Cintellate enables organizations to break down and map complex objectives and targets into clearly defined processes and simple steps.  The powerful automated workflow tool promotes standarized, consistent processes for meeting EH&S obligations and automates many elements of your programme, freeing up valuable staff to proactively address higher value EH&S projects for the business.

  • Proven technology with a global client base across multiple industries
  • Easy and cost-effective to deploy, our web-based technology reduces the burden on your own IT resources and bandwidth
  • Modular and flexible - choose from a point solution to a specific problem to a holistic EH&S management suite
  • User-friendly interfaces promote efficiency and ease of use, encouraging participation across a wider user base
  • Highly configurable - Cintellate can be configured to fit your business needs, organizational structure and internal processes
  • Can be easily integrated with existing software systems to ensure seamless communication

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Our comprehensive Cintellate EH&S Software Suite includes over 20 modules, which help you report and manage hazards, waste, permits and incidents, identify root causes and take corrective actions.  Learn more about how Cintellate can be implemented to manage Environmental and Health & Safety risks.  Gain further insight into our individual modules for Incident Management, Action Management and Audit Management.

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