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Cintellate - Environmental Management Software

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Achieve a balance between profitability and environmental impact

SAI Global’s Cintellate EH&S Software provides the ideal foundation to manage and monitor  environmental performance across all business operations, locations and throughout your supply chain.  Our solution helps you enhance your business reputation and, by demonstrating a good track record in managing environmental risks, provides confidence to your customers.

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Our EH&S Software provides enterprise-wide visibility, allowing you to turn reactive fire-fighting into proactive planning for improved performance:

  • Manage environmental compliance requirements and avoid the cost of fines, penalties and loss of reputation from environmental incidents 
  • Streamline and automate your processes to reduce inefficiencies, inconsistencies and errors associated with manual data handling
  • Configure the system to align with your own organizational structure  
  • Apply specific risk assessment criteria to help prioritize and develop environmental objectives
  • Monitor, measure, evaluate and evidence your environmental management system in line with internationally recognized standards such as ISO 14001
  • Provide reliable environmental metrics for reporting protocols such as the Global Reporting Initiative, UK CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme, the US GHG Reporting Rule and NGERS
  • Manage annual performance targets and the performance of your supply chain

Cintellate's comprehensive yet flexible suite for Environmental Management covers all major business processes and allows you to select the modules you need today and add on others as the need arises. 

Environmental Management - Business Processes

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Learn more about the key features and benefits of SAI Global's EH&S Software and how our solution can be implemented to manage Health & Safety risks.  Gain further insight into our individual modules for Incident Management, Action Management and Audit Management.

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