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Cintellate - Health & Safety Management Software

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Create a safe & healthy workplace and culture

SAI Global's Cintellate EH&S Software helps you to reduce the administrative burden of managing your health and safety risks by streamlining and automating your business processes, saving you both time and money.  Our intuitive user interfaces replace paper forms and disparate spreadsheets and systems, improving efficiency and promoting participation across a wider user base.

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  • Reduce the administrative time and effort required to collect and report on health and safety KPIs
  • Improve your ability to make prompt and proper decisions
  • Reduce work-related injuries and illnesses by managing incidents, tracking trends, identifying systemic weaknesses to take remedial action 
  • Achieve compliance with health & safety regulations and avoid the cost of incident-related fines, penalties and loss of reputation
  • Provide management and the Board with information to evidence the effectiveness of your health and safety program
  • Provide an audit trail to demonstrate a proactive approach to health and safety risk management to reduce your insurance premiums and protect your business against negligence charges
  • Track performance against requirements and obligations
  • Share lessons learned across business operations and sites to create a preventative health and safety culture that becomes an integral part of everyday, operational activity

Cintellate's comprehensive yet flexible suite for Health & Safety Management covers all the major business processes and allows you to select the modules you need today and add on others as the need arises. 

Health & Safety Management - Business Processes

EH&S - Health Management Business Processes

Learn more about the key features and benefits of SAI Global's EH&S Software and how our solution can be implemented to manage Environmental risks.  Gain further insight into our individual modules for Incident Management, Action Management and Audit Management.

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maximizing eh&s programme results

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whitepaper: choose the right software

EH&S Software Buyers Guide

This whitepaper provides practical steps for choosing the right software to manage your EH&S performance and compliance.

Whitepaper: Understanding the benefits

Corporate SustainabilityCorporate Responsibility Whitepaper

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EH&Sustainability AuditsEHS Sustainability Audits Whitepaper

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Australia & New Zealand Obligations

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Keep up to date with the 10,000+ potential obligations and up to 1,500 changes each year with specialized databases, newsfeeds and compliance registers.