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Cintellate EH&S Software - Incident Management

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Record, investigate and analyze incidents

Cintellate's Incident Management Module helps your organization take a proactive approach to reducing incidents and complying with legal obligations in relation to near-misses and incidents in the workplace.

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By recording, investigating and analyzing incidents across a broad range of disciplines, Cintellate's Incident Management Module can lead to a more proactive understanding of the business as a whole, which ultimately results in improved efficiency and long-term sustainability.

  • Standardized capturing and reporting of incidents and accidents throughout the organization, ensuring consistency of information across all locations
  • Instant notification of all incidents, near-misses and non-conformances, with the ability to trigger notifications
  • Trending and analyzing of incident related data and creating reports, graphs and dashboards that can be run on a scheduled or ad-hoc basis

Using Cintellate's integrated reporting tools, you can generate any number of customized reports, graphs and dashboards for any data or metric contained within the system. This allows you to define the metrics by which you want to evaluate the performance of your business across a wide range of EH&S risk areas.

Learn more about the key features and benefits of SAI Global's Cintellate EH&S Software and how our solution can be implemented to manage Environmental and Health & Safety risks.  Gain further insight into our individual modules for Action Management and Audit Management.

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