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Compliance 360 GRC Solutions Overview

Compliance 360® is a comprehensive software solution that streamlines governance, risk, compliance and internal audit process for organizations of all sizes and geographic diversity. Compliance 360 is designed to make compliance, risk and audit management easier, less costly, and much more manageable – even for organizations in highly regulated industries. With Compliance 360, you have a highly configurable set of modules that help identify gaps and risks, eliminate duplicate efforts and easily maintain the records needed to demonstrate full control of compliance, risk and audit programs.

Compliance 360 - Key Modules

Policy Management: Automate full life-cycle management of policies and procedures including customizable workflow for collaboration and approval processes as well as comprehensive document management including version control and audit trails.

Compliance Management: Ensure up-to-date regulatory compliance with proactive monitoring and alerts coupled with compliance assessments to identify and remediate gaps.

Incident Management: Collect incident information using integrated hotline options. Store, and collaborate on all incidents (cases) using automation to streamline the management of investigations. Track the progress of investigations and resolution of potential issues and compile proof of remediation and preventative measures.

Contract Management: Enable proactive management of all contracts including those with vendors, service providers, customers, business partners and more. Facilitate collaboration using customized workflow processes for review and approval.

Internal Audit: Establish an audit system of record with automated processes for all phases of the audit process including assessment and planning, audit work program, workpaper management, documentation of findings, reports and follow-up.

Risk Management: Identify, prioritize and manage risk areas across the enterprise. Automate the assessment of risks and testing of controls using a highly customizable scoring methodology. Link risks to strategic objectives and compliance programs and manage risk mitigation projects.

Third Party Risk Management: Proactively identify potential third party risks, verify that business partners and their employees are compliant, monitor for changes that might create new risks or compliance gaps, and manage the investigation and remediation of incidents. Apply a systematic, ongoing, and risk-based approach to due diligence for anti-bribery and anti-corruption.

SOX Compliance: Manage internal controls for financial reporting while integrating SOX compliance tracking, measurement and monitoring with the enterprise governance, risk and compliance strategy.

Virtual Evidence Room®: Dynamically link all policies, surveys, assessments, attestations, incidents, audits, contracts, projects and tasks directly to laws, regulations, standards and guidelines to demonstrate proof of compliance and ensure a continual audit‐ready state for the organization.

Workflow: Automate processes, reminders, alerts and escalations enabling compliance, risk and audit professionals to minimize their time spent as “traffic cops” and focus on analysis, corrective actions and guidance.

Compliance and Ethics Training: Inspire ethical decision-making through compliance and ethics training and awareness that engages employees and business partners with relevant content.

Disclosures Management: Collect, store, and track disclosure information relating Conflicts of Interest and Gifts and Hospitality via online forms submitted by employees or other business associates, creating a centralized database of all disclosures that is auditable and searchable.  Improve communication as disclosures are automatically routed to the proper individual(s) who can approve, deny or request more information in a timely manner.  Use the configurable online dashboards and reports for monitoring activity and trends.

Capabilities and Benefits

  • Support centralized and distributed management structures for optimal efficiency and control
  • Establish a system-of-record for compliance, risk and audit management
  • Increase accountability and management visibility
  • Maintain a continuous state of readiness for audits, surveys and exams
  • React quickly to changes in laws, regulations, enforcement actions and external events
  • Enforce standards and consistency throughout your organization
  • Decrease labor intensive processes and documentation
  • Identify and proactively address risk hot-spots across the enterprise
  • Streamline and direct internal audits into areas of highest risk

Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting

Each user of Compliance 360 has a personal home page. The home page is easily tailored by including charts and graphs, alerts and reminders, reports, lists of task assignments, updates from live news feeds and other dashboard-style monitors and controls. From here, each user has an at-a-glance live view of personally-relevant compliance, risk and audit initiatives. Because the Home Page is unique to each user and Compliance 360 is an online system, the home page is available to each user, regardless of their location. Users can securely log into the system from any computer to see their home page, dashboards and applications.

Adaptable and Efficient by Design

With the Compliance 360 system, you have a highly configurable set of modules with consistent operations and functions. The unified design of Compliance 360 affords a great deal of flexibility as your needs change in the future. Adding new applications, expanding to include new divisions or acquired organizations requires minimal effort. The system is designed for adaptability, to address your immediate compliance and risk management needs today, and your unforeseen needs in the future.

All Compliance 360 applications are run online, requiring no software installations or expensive hardware upgrades. These online applications are designed to ensure rapid deployments as well as performance, security and longevity, with a minimal burden on IT.

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