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Policy Management

SAI Global offers a full spectrum of policy management solutions, widely proven in both large and small organizations. You can utilize Advisory and Consulting Services to assess your current policy management processes relative to best practice standards. You can also take advantage of our Learning Solutions to aid in policy certification for example. Additionally, with our Compliance Software system, you can centrally manage complete policy lifecycle including authoring, review, approval, distribution, version control and evidence of effectiveness.

Policy Management - Training and Awareness

SAI Global offers a full range of highly customizable award-winning training and communication tools - quick and easy to deploy in multiple options that connect policy certifications to disclosures as well as to core technologies that trigger cases and link to policy databases.  Our learning solutions are used by organizations around the world to help reinforce key messages to ensure the effectiveness of corporate policies.  Some examples include:

  • Code of Conduct:  We offer a wide variety of courses to help transform your code of conduct from a static, abstract document into an engaging experience to help employees internalize the key messages.  You can choose to display your Code course in either video or text and graphics format and configure it to target specific job roles, risk areas or jurisdictional requirements. Additionally, you can configure a specific Supplier Code of Conduct or a general Code, depending on your business requirements.

    SAI Global’s Code Certification allows you to align your Code of Conduct training with other aspects of your overall Code solution. Our automated certification allows you to manage certification just like other assignments, customize your certification for simple attestation or more complex branched questions, add images, links or multiple languages, and prepare management reports in a secure environment.

  • Conflicts of Interest:  Our Conflicts of Interest learning courses address a wide variety potential conflicts including moonlighting, accepting gifts, hospitality and entertainment, family relationships, personal use of company resources, and many more. These are also offered in a variety of formats and lengths to ensure an engaging experience with relevant content for each employee.

  • Business Ethics and Corporate Culture:  Our extensive library of business ethics and corporate culture courses address issues including consequence of a cover-up, leading with integrity, reporting concerns (whistleblowing), retaliation, sales ethics, integrity and accountability for business partners, any many more.

  • Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption:  Our catalog of training and awareness titles focused on mitigating bribery and corruption risks is as broad and diverse as the global regulations policing these topics. We offer courses covering standard corporate bribery and corruption concerns such as defining 'what is bribery?', addressing questionable ethical business practices, and third-party relationships, as well as more complicated scenarios such as global regulations including UK Bribery Act, FCPA and industry-specific legislations.

Consulting Services

At SAI Global, we hold ourselves accountable for your success.  With a vested interest in your success, we offer planning, tailoring, implementation and optimization services to ensure that our training and awareness solutions fully address your needs.  Our primary objective is simple:  100% success with your objectives.  We invite you to explore our customer stories and learn more about our consulting services.

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Contact Us to learn more about using our Training and Awareness solutions to improve knowledge, influence attitudes and drive desired behaviors.

  • Read our case studies to see how we have helped more than a thousand clients around the world educate their employees and third party suppliers on compliance obligations, regulatory and legal requirements as well expectations for ethical behavior.
  • View additional Policy Management Resources.


Policy Management - Software

The Compliance 360® Policy Management system automates the complete lifecycle of policy and procedure management while significantly reducing overhead and administrative costs. Our offering includes a policy management software solution with capabilities such as automatic email reminders, easy keyword searching and customized workflow for collaboration and approval activities. Other key features of the policy management software solution include the ability to monitor activities through version control, full audit trail capabilities, as well as surveys of your employees to ensure they have read and understand each policy. With the policy management software, policies and procedures are organized and linked to the compliance obligations, guidelines and regulations that impact your business enabling you to provide real-time evidence of compliance for internal and external audits.

With Compliance 360 Policy Management software, you can:

  • Ensure that policies are kept current, and reflect compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Centralize policies and procedures for a more orderly and accurate system.
  • Ensure policies and procedures are easily and consistently reviewed, approved, and published.
  • Provide easy, secure access to policies and procedures anytime, anywhere, in less time.
  • Communicate policies and procedures efficiently across the enterprise and hold employees accountable for awareness and understanding.
  • Standardize the overall management and review processes across the organization and share best practices among departments and divisions.
  • Improve management and executive visibility to areas of risk related to insufficient policies and potential compliance gaps.
  • Always be “audit ready” by linking policies and procedures to applicable regulations, compliance obligations, regulations and guidelines as evidence of compliance in support of audits.

Consulting Services

At SAI Global, we hold ourselves accountable for your success.  With a vested interest in your success, we offer planning, tailoring, implementation and optimization services to ensure that our training and awareness solutions fully address your needs.  Our primary objective is simple:  100% success with your objectives.  We invite you to explore our customer stories.

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Contact Us to learn more about Compliance 360 Policy Management Software or schedule a live demonstration.


Policy Management - Advisory Services

Compliance and ethics professionals often find that they simply do not have the bandwidth to prepare and/or update their organization’s policies. At the same time, current compliance and ethics trends have made many existing policies obsolete and new policies are often needed to address evolving issues. Many companies find that they need separate policies to provide clear, supplemental guidance on key risk areas that their new best practices codes of conduct cover in a more general way. Companies are also finding that—as with codes of conduct—clear and engaging policy statements are more effective than formal, legalistic documents.
Our Advisory Services group provides policy assistance to organizations by reviewing, drafting and implementing compliance and ethics policies. We have drafted policies in major risk areas, including:

  • Anti-bribery & anti-corruption
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Gifts & hospitality
  • Insider trading
  • Antitrust
  • Social media
  • Environment, health & safety
  • Harassment and discrimination

In our Policy Writing services, we work with you to create clear, comprehensive and practical policies and establish an effective policy and procedure framework.  We can help you ensure that your policies and procedures:

  • Are clear and easy to read
  • Are consistent with the laws, regulations and industry practices and guidance
  • Clearly instruct readers how to act or  behave when confronted with specific issues
  • Are explicit with respect to responsibility, accountability and discipline
  • Include resources to contact when questions arise
  • Employ a positive tone instead of a harsh, punitive tone, with the goal of encouraging ethical  behavior, compliance and cooperation
  • Integrate practical and relevant examples of compliant or non-compliant behavior (for example, including Q&As or real life examples)


As with our Code of Conduct services, our in-house designers can also assist you with end-to-end design of the policy layouts to make sure the policies reflect the “look and feel” of your Code and your C&E program branding.

SAI Global’s team understands that developing a Code is so much more than a drafting exercise. They have unquestionable technical drafting ability and, critically, know how to structure and articulate ethics and compliance messages so they align with the business and inspire individual and collective success”
- SAI Global Client


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