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SAI Global Registry: An Integral Component of Effective Policy Management

Empower employees to integrate compliance policies into everyday business practice

"Policy, done right, articulate corporate culture, the boundaries of individual and business behavior, and personal conduct."*  But how do compliance, ethics and risk managers do policy 'right'?  One way to manage policies 'right' is to provide employees with a means to more fully engage with policies and the questions that result from policies. 

SAI Global offers a complete policy management approach that includes the Registry - a simple, secure Web-based system that allows staff to self-register, ask questions about a policy, request approval to proceed on a certain course of action, or simply provide information about actions they are taking.  The Compliance Office can then receive this information, respond to it, route it for higher approval, and create reports and an accurate, auditable trail of actions - All without the need to integrate data and generate reports and insight from shared folders, Excel spreadsheets, and multiple emails, which can lead to response gaps and undetected issues.

The SAI Global Registry effectively links policies to learning, communication and case management

By including the URL for SAI Global's Registry into any policy, you enable the organization to make Registry part of an overall compliance program.  Registry links to SAI Global's Learning & Communication Platform (that launches the policy, records certification, and requests disclosures) with SAI Global's GRC Platform (that houses the Registry and triggers cases). 

Read more about our Gifts, Hospitality & Entertainment Register or our Conflicts of Interest Disclosure Register. Registers specific to other policies are easily created.

Contact us for a demo and ask how Registry can be configured to your specific workflow, approval processes and overall requirements.

* Michael Rasmussen, Corporate Integrity,LLC. "Why Policies Matter", April 2011

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