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SAI Global Gifts, Hospitality & Entertainment Register

Enhanced control for your Anti-Bribery Anti-Corruption Program

SAI Global's NEW Registry allows you to say goodbye to the disparate 'systems' you now use for managing policy questions, concerns and approvals.  Replace shared folders, individual email questions and answers, and spreadsheets with a secure system that provides workflow, escalation, approval and a central database.  Internal and external auditors will be impressed with your control over and visibility to policies and you'll have the type of reports you need to identify troublesome areas, improve training and enhance overall compliance management.

SAI Global's Gifts, Hospitality & Entertainment Register is one example of a simple web-based system you can configure and use immediately as a key element of your anti-bribery anti-corruption program - and helps to address questions about 'reasonableness', 'proportionality', 'degree of control', 'perception' and 'adequate procedures'. 

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Registry Submission Form Screen

SAI Global Registry - easy submission system for consistent worldwide use:

  • submitters self-register
  • original submission locked down for audit trail
  • add information and attach documents as needed

Registry Escalation Form Screen

SAI Global Registry - easy approval and escalation system for worldwide control:

  • approve, deny, request more information or escalate submissions anywhere in the world
  • configure the system for workflow and approvals, or merely information capture in a central database
  • route approvals based on currency and amount of spend
  • standard reports included

Contact us for a Gifts, Hospitality & Entertainment Register demo.

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