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Compliance & Ethics Training and Awareness Consulting and Services

At SAI Global, we don’t just sell training courses. We offer expert advice in planning and tailoring compliance training to the needs of your business. Our training consulting and services teams will work with you to build and deploy a compliance training programme that delivers the right knowledge to the right people at the right time.

Through our collaborative consulting approach, we will ensure that your training programme:

  • Is aligned to your business objectives
  • Supports and reinforces your governance, risk and compliance programme
  • Will help embed compliance across your business processes
  • Will bring about positive sustained behavioural change throughout your organization

We will guide you through the entire life-cycle of your project to help you manage and grow your programme from raising awareness to embedding knowledge and evaluating success. Our 25 year’s experience allows us to leverage best practice, giving you the benefit of a wealth of accumulated knowledge within our training consulting and services teams.

Our proven goal-oriented methodology has been successfully implemented at hundreds of companies over the years. We work in partnership with our clients to provide consulting, implementation and support services from initial consultation to post-implementation programme optimization.

Our teams are made up of experienced consultants, instructional designers, programme managers, learning professionals and technical experts. Together they will ensure that your programme requirements are realised.

Learn more about the processes we go through and the experts that help you achieve a successful compliance training outcome:

  • Compliance & ethics training programme - strategy and design
  • Compliance & ethics training programme - implementation and support
  • Compliance & ethics training programme - evaluation
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