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Effective Instructional Design

For 25 years we've pioneered innovate, compelling and engaging content in the field of compliance and ethics learning.  Our knowledge of how adults learn has improved knowledge retention and promoted positive behavioural change in organizations in order to minimize compliance risk.

The key qualities that enable this are:

  • Relevance of subject matter both culturally and professionally so the learner can apply knowledge to real-life situations
  • Interaction through questions, games and assessments to challenge, test and drive the message home
  • Engagement of the learner through job relevancy, stories, eye-catching graphics and scenario-based content
  • Spacing the content appropriately so that new content on the same topic can be continually presented to learners

Our pioneering approach to compliance & ethics training and awareness

Story-based Instructional Design

Storytorials combine the power of storytelling with tutorials built on empirically proven principles of instructional design. These video-based courses (that can be deployed in text and graphics mode) feature a trailer, chapters, consistent characters and a developing storyline all of which have a powerful ability to draw the learner in. Content is based on work-related scenarios that permit the learner to apply knowledge to their own job roles. Read our Storytorial whitepaper for a better understanding of the science behind Storytorials.  

Story-based Text & Graphics Instructional Design

Our text & graphics courses feature an engaging combination of highly interactive graphics, animations, simulations and assessments. The emphasis is on practical application based on real-life situations for clear, effective communication of policies, procedures and best practice.

Configurable Courses

Many of our courses - including our industry-leading Best Practices and CodeOne® Code of Conduct, Government Contracting, Workplace Safety and Data Protection Privacy and Essentials overview courses - allow you the best of two worlds ... off-the-shelf content you can configure and deploy as your own custom course. You choose the topics and scenarios from our extensive library content that most effectively communicate your goals. Scenarios or topics are interchangeable and, with your customized introductions and annotations, you tailor the course that’s perfect for your audience. This flexibility permits you to modify your presentation from time to time to better engage, motivate and challenge staff.   

Modular Courseware

Our modular courseware provides ultimate flexibility in delivery, allowing you to focus on high-risk topics as and when required.

Custom Courseware

Our courseware can be customised to reflect your own corporate identity, values, policies and procedures. We can also work with you to create a training course tailored to your own specific needs. Contact us to discuss your specific training requirements with one of our consultants.

grc community

Learn & NetworkSAI Global GRC Community

News, insights, opinions, events, and resources of value to compliance, legal, risk, ethics and audit professionals.

whitepaper: the impact of stories

Compelling and Memorable ContentStorytorial Whitepaper

Learn why our innovative Storytorials serve as 'rehearsals for the real world' and improve learning and workplace behaviour.

video case study: meggitt plc

Committed to a Climate of Honesty, Integrity and RespectMeggitt Case Study

Learn how Meggitt Plc built an effective and unified training programme in 14 countries.

whitepaper: adults learn differently

Spacing Learning Over TimeAdult Learning Whitepaper

Understand why managers need to present and space situations and training to enhance learning and memory and deliver a good return on  your investment.

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Global Reach/Local SupportGlobal

Partnering with governance, risk management and compliance management professionals around the world requires a global strategy.


Innovative Information Security AwarenessPodcast

The Art of the Possible - learn how emerging technologies can help address the evovling needs of learners.