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Managing Bribery & Corruption Risk

Ensuring Adequate Controls for Gifts, Hospitality, Entertainment & Conflicts of Interest

Introducing SAI Global's Registry

Watch this webcast to learn more about managing bribery and corruption risk.

Irrespective of an organization’s risk profile or risk appetite, the hard work you put into developing and communicating policies can go for naught if the controls that are in place are inadequate for compliance as perceived by those who internally audit and externally enforce both the FCPA and UK Bribery Act.  Both Internal Audit and regulators will be interested in your record keeping, your diligence in monitoring, and your ability to pinpoint areas of concern so remediation steps can be enacted.

The two high risk areas of gifts, hospitality, entertainment and conflicts of interest merit immediate policy review as well as an effective method of automating procedures and controls aside from Excel spreadsheets. Imagine what life would be like if instead of managing an overflowing inbox, documentation and requests for approvals or exceptions went through an automated workflow process where everything was documented and stored.

In this webcast, Colin Campbell, Global Head of GRC Product Management, SAI Global, discusses:

  • the implications for corporate gifts, hospitality and entertainment policies and management 
  • the challenge of effective recordkeeping
  • the benefit of automated workflow
  • the ability to pinpoint troublesome geographies, operating divisions or individuals before a policy violation

Watch this webcast to learn more about managing the bribery and corruption risk associated with gifts, hospitality, entertainment and conflicts of interest.

Read more about SAI Global's Registry solution or contact us for a demo.







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