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Illustrated Guide Series: Anti-Corruption Issue Management

Anti-Corruption Issue Management Download Illustrated Guide #3: Anti-Corruption Issue Management

Anti-Corruption Issue Management: Part 3 of the OCEG Illustrated Guide Series

This multi-part series on Managing Anti-Corruption Risk focuses on the business processes that can both build organizational integrity and help mitigate the risks presented by bribery and corruption.

In Part 3, Anti-Corruption Issue Management,a step-by-step process that leads to effective compliance is laid out for compliance, ethics, legal, investigative and risk professionals. A key underlying element of effective compliance is defined as the ability to not only resolve issues but also identify their direct causes and the relationship among issues.

Colin Campbell, Senior Vice President, GRC Product Management, and key contributor to Anti-Corruption Issue Management, commented on how proper issue management contributes to an effective compliance business process. "Companies that have leveraged technology have an advantage in sorting through workflow, escalation and resolution. They can easily filter accumulated data by the risk criteria they deem important such as allegation type, vendor type, or gift recipient and identify the riskiest issues.”

Campbell went on to comment that organizations shouldn't be fooled into thinking that data doesn't need to be centralized or that technology can't be helpful. “Having all the communication between relevant parties on one centralized platform makes data collection and disclosure more cost-effective and accurate. A centralized platform should include systems for case management, for tracking or registering gifts and entertainment, and for capturing information about third party due diligence. Clearly, centralized oversight, on-demand reporting and data storage are real advantages.”

Find out more about how SAI Global's anti-bribery anti-corruption solutions help you to implement adequate procedures within the context of your business risks.

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