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Illustrated Guide Series: Managing Bribery & Corruption Risk

Managing Corruption Risk Download Illustrated Guide #1: Managing Corruption Risk

Watch the video that accompanies the Managing Corruption Risk Illustrated Guide

Managing Corruption Risk: Part 1 of the OCEG Illustrated Guide Series

This multi-part series on Managing Anti-Corruption Risk focuses on the business processes that can both build organizational integrity and help mitigate the risks presented by bribery and corruption.

Managing Corruption Risk provides compliance, audit, legal and risk officers with an easy to follow, step by step guide that can help answer questions about risk assessments, defining program elements and ownership of each, tone at the top and instilling the right tone into corporate culture, how to establish quick wins for an anticorruption program, and the effective, affordable use of technology.

Find out more about how SAI Global's anti-bribery anti-corruption solutions help you to implement adequate procedureswithin the context of your business risks.

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