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Effective Compliance Management

Whether you're bound by US Federal Sentencing Guidelines, SOX, HIPAA, FCPA or UK Bribery Act, SAI Global Compliance provides global expertise, perspective, technology and tools that both influence employee behaviour and enhance compliance effectiveness. By using our workflow tools, dashboards, key indicators, and on-demand reports, our clients are able to focus on higher-level aspects of compliance management rather than lower level tasks, and by using our world-class award-winning compliance and ethics training, employees are empowered to make better decisions and ones based upon the mission, values and risk profiles you define.

Managing Compliance SAI Global Compliance Management brochure

SAI Global's GRC solutions help establish effective compliance:

  • Every aspect of Code of Conduct from review and development to training, awareness, certification, evaluation and benchmarking

  • The industry’s most complete and dynamic library of online compliance and ethics training, education and awareness on a wide variety of topics including hot button areas like UK Bribery Act, FCPA, import-export rgulations and insider trading, and supplemented with materials designed to empower manager-led conversations and remote or offline learners

  • The SAI Global Learning and Communication Platform specifically designed for compliance and ethics program administration including training, communications, certification and more

  • Our GRC Dashboard for on-demand visualization of all your learning, compliance and risk management data (pie charts, bar charts, trend lines, and more)

  • Compliance 360® Policy Management that automates full life-cycle management of policies and procedures

  • The Compliance 360 Compliance Workspace to proactively monitor obligations, send alerts, and couple with compliance assessments to identify and remediate gaps

  • Compliance 360 Incident (Case) Management that captures information gleaned from policies, disclosures, questionnaires, certifications and hotline submissions

  • Compliance 360 Risk Management to identify, prioritize and manage risk areas across the enterprise, and to auutomate the assessment of risks and testing of controls using a highly customizable scoring methodology

  • Compliance 360 Third Party Risk Management including automated third party due diligence questionnaires and a state-of-the-art anti-corruption platform

  • Compliance 360 Virtual Evidence Room® to dynamically link all policies, surveys, assessments, attestations, incidents, audits, contracts, projects and tasks directly to laws, regulations, standards and guidelines

  • Workflow Management to automate processes, reminders, alerts and escalations

  • A true GRC technology solution platform - the Compliance 360 GRC Software Suite - to improve and integrate every aspect of compliance management, improve your productivity and business performance, and maximize your effectiveness in overall compliance and risk management and reporting

  • Tools like the Gifts & Entertainment Register and Conflicts of Interest Disclosure to enable effective management and measurement of your policies and procedures

  • Automated surveys, questionnaires and risk assessments

  • Collaborative consulting from our internal Advisory and Client Services teams located on three continents to provide and tailor risk assessments, subject matter expertise, policy guidance and design, training needs assessments or software implementation that address your core compliance and GRC needs

  • The Cintellate™ Environment, Health and Safety Software Suite to manage the operational challenges of EH&S compliance professionals

Learn more about the specific compliance management products and services that we offer or contact us directly for more information.

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Software to manage risks and compliance

Software solution to manage compliance and regulatory risksGRC software

Gain a single view into the risks, controls and policies that can influence efficiency and compliance.

Self-Assess your risks

FCPA & UK Bribery Act Exposure Risk assessment

Take our 20 Question Self-Assessment to gain a better understanding of your programme needs and scope.

experts comment on hot issues

Ethical Decision Making Rush Kidder

Dr. Rush Kidder, Institute for Global Ethics, gives examples on how employees can be trained to make better ethical decisions.

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Personal Integrity BarometerPersonal integrity

Take 2 minutes to find out your personal integrity rating with SAI Global's complimentary online awareness tool.

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