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Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S) Compliance Management

Improve your EH&S related business processes

SAI Global helps organizations manage an extensive range of business processes required to support governance, risk and compliance including EH&S and risk-related functions.  With CintellateTM we provide a technology framework that improves transparency and assists in the proactive measurement, management and improvement of overall business performance.

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SAI Global's CintellateTM EH&S Software allows you to better utilize the collective intelligence of your staff.  Complex objectives and targets are broken down into clearly defined processes and simple steps which are easier to comprehend and accomplish at an individual level. When these individual efforts are combined, they can achieve exceptional results.

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We help organizations:

  • Define a consistent model for all operational business processes
  • Demonstrate an auditable trail of action in completing EH&S activities and tasks
  • Provide real-time information for decision-making
  • Report metrics and performance relative to organizational targets
  • Release staff from manual tasks so they can apply their expertise to higher value projects 

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Learn more about the key features and benefits of SAI Global's Cintellate EH&S Software and how our solution can be implemented to manage Environmental and Health & Safety risks.  Gain further insight into our individual modules for Incident Management, Action Management and Audit Management.

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EH&S Software Buyers Guide

In this whitepaper we provide you with practical steps for choosing the right software to manage your EH&S performance and compliance.

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Corporate SustainabilityCorporate Responsibility Whitepaper

Read about the benefits of sustainability reporting, what data is required and how to collect the relevant data.

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EH&S Governance ExcellenceSH&E Whitepaper

Explore the factors that influence each element of the governance framework and how they are best integrated to deliver excellence in SH&E performance.