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Our Company - Our Mission, Values and Vision

As an organization,

  • We are committed to showing respect to our employees and our clients.
  • We are committed to offering challenging opportunities to staff, making work fulfilling, and developing careers.
  • We pride ourselves on building great teams and working across divisions when a client’s needs cross our own organization’s structure. 
  •  We are accountable to all our stakeholders and act with integrity, independence and objectivity.
  • We are focused on continually improving our own performance and working to improve your business’ performance.

We are responsible, forward thinking and innovative, focused on the needs of our customers and shareholders.

In fact, every SAI Global employee shares one key element in annual performance plans – be customer focused and take responsibility for delivering on commitments made to customers.
SAI Global’s over 1,000 staff come from diverse backgrounds, have offices in every region of the world and offer a wide range of skills – everything from technologists, innovators, scientists, information specialists and engineers to Six Sigma Black Belts, project managers, legal and ethics advisors, and learning and instructional design experts.

No matter where you are in the world, there is an SAI Global professional near you ready to add value to your business.

Assurance division

Audit, Certify and Register

Independent assessments to certify and/or register your system or product, manage risk and improve business performance.

compliance division

Compliance, Ethics, Risk and Governance

An integrated set of solutions for legal, compliance, ethics and risk management professionals.

information services division

Standards, Legislation, Property and Business Information

Source and manage the information you need to comply with Standards, regulations, directives and legislation around the globe.