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Our Company - What We Do

The SAI Global business is driven by two equally important client needs - the mandated need for organizations to conform with regulations, standards and legislation in all their locations, and the operational need for organizations to improve business processes and procedures as well as corporate culture.  Because we are a global company, we can meet these needs for any client - those operating within one country's borders and in one language or those operating across borders and in many languages.

Our tagline - inform, inspire, and improve - communicates this desire.

  • We inspire our clients.  We help them identify opportunities for business improvement, identify gaps and risks in their operations, benchmark against best practices, and establish goals and aspirations appropriate for their organization.
  • We improve our clients' business operations and efficiency via operational improvement, communication about compliance management, risk mitigation and risk management, education and certification
  • We inform our clients.  We provide access to knowledge, provide a means to assess status and analyze program performance, and the enabling technology to report to internal and external stakeholders.  The end result is a stronger brand equity, enhanced brand reputation and customer confidence, reduced fraud and corruption risk, better supply chain management, and improved productivity

Our Business Units

The Information Services Division provides the information required to comply with Standards, regulations, directives and legislation wherever our clients operate in the world. Our ability to supply flexible solutions to both access and manage regional and global information from hundreds of Standards and Regulatory bodies makes us a critically important business partner. Our clients use our aggregated information access services to compete more effectively in their own markets by leveraging Standards, regulatory and legislative information to their strategic advantage

The Compliance Division provides technology-enabled business solutions and enterprise-wide staff and third party training so that employees and third parties are aware of an organization's critical business risks, and that the issues of governance, risk and compliance are better communicated and managed. Compliance Division clients include many of the Global 2000 and, with headquarters locations in three continents, are structured to provide world class solutions with local support and service. Most frequently, Compliance Division customers are legal, compliance, privacy and risk management professionals

The Assurance Division helps organizations manage risk, achieve process or product certification and drive improvement by providing training, registration audits and supplier management programs that can improve business performance. We provide independent audits, assessments and certification of your products or business processes to ensure they comply with industry standards or customer specific requirements. We understand how compliance with those standards can improve the efficiency, economy and profitability of your operation. With auditing and assessment staff located around the world, our clients include large global corporations as well as single site organizations.

Assurance division

Audit, Certify and Register

Independent assessments to certify and/or register your system or product, manage risk and improve business performance.

compliance division

Compliance, Ethics, Risk and Governance

An integrated set of solutions for legal, compliance, ethics and risk management professionals.

information services division

Standards, Legislation, Property and Business Information

Source and manage the information you need to comply with Standards, regulations, directives and legislation around the globe.