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Product Testing - Enertech

SAI Global Enertech is a NATA accredited laboratory which specializes in technical consultancy, research/development and testing of gas appliances, gas components and electrical appliances.

SAI Global Enertech provides a team of engineers and scientists with a wealth of industry experience complimented by a state-of-the-art laboratory facility that include all necessary instrumentation for the measurement of combustion quality, appliance safety and performance.

 “The Enertech lab has been operating for over 18 years and has collectively over 100 years of technical expertise under its roof, having helped many major brands in Australia ensure that they provide safe, reliable and energy efficient products. ”
said David Teakle, Laboratory Manager

The laboratory is also equipped with climate controlled test rooms as well as specialized equipment such as wind/rain simulators, thermographic imaging and appliance performance evaluation facilities for Energy Labelling and MEPS.

We are committed to providing quality testing services at competitive rates in a timely manner. We offer a one-stop product testing and certification facility.

Energy Performance, Safety and Reliability
This facility specialises in helping organisations with testing for Energy Performance, Safety and Reliability, specifically in areas such as:
  • Combustion Testing - Determination and measurement of the calorific value, rates and completeness of combustion from gas fuelled appliances, which includes the measurement of combustion by-products.
  • Thermal testing and profiling - Determination of temperature with a view to describing thermal topography.
  • Electrical Efficiency - Description of how energy input of an appliance relates to energy output.          
  • Energy Efficiency - Provision of a data that describes the energy efficiency of an appliance, such as energy star ratings 
  • Heating efficiency - Determination of how well an appliance heats a specific volumetric space.
  • Thermal movement - Tracking of the movement of heat over a surface area or through a volume of a heat emitting material.
  • Mechanical Testing / Component Testing / Cycle Testing / Wind Testing - Measurement of physical properties of a product; Testing of gas components; Thermal and pressure cycling tests;  Generation of wind over appliances targeted to ascertain performance in environments with shifting pressure differentials.

For further details about SAI Global Enertech's Laboratory Accreditations, click here.

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