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Testing Managed by SAI Global

Let our experience and global laboratory network make your total product compliance requirements easier

SAI Global provides organisations around the world with information services and solutions for managing risk, achieving compliance and driving business improvement.

SAI Global Product Services provides third party assurance that a particular product meets the specified requirements of a nominated product standard. The SAI Global StandardsMark™ on the certified product represents reliability, quality assurance and safety.

A critical component of the Product Certification process is Type Testing of product models submitted for certification. For type test reports to be acceptable they must fulfil certain criteria that includes being from a competent test laboratory.

SAI Global has an extensive global network of testing laboratories that supply type test reports in support of various SAI Global product certification schemes.

SAI Global can cost effectively manage your testing requirements and our dedicated team of professional technicans and engineers have had many years of knowledge and experience, specialising in the following areas:


In order to provide flexibility and cost efficiencies, the contract for type testing shall be between the chosen Test Laboratory and the Licensee, unless otherwise specified and costs for and incidental to testing shall be met by the Licensee.

Our experts will ensure that type testing is conducted correctly in order for the type test results to be accepted by SAI Global for certificatoin purposes.

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