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Due Dilligence, Credit Reporting, Mergers & Acquisitions ... 

Are just some of the reasons SAI Global is chosen as leading provider of business and personal intelligence. 

SAI Global Property has numerous products and services designed to support the gathering and understanding of information on Businesses and Individuals in Australia.
Our products include:
SAI Global Property manages over 7 million search requests per annum for a diverse range of over 8000 Australian businesses. We include amongst our clientele:
  • Accountants
  • Media
  • Law Enforcement
  • Franchise Managers 
  • Due Dillegence and Background Investigations
  • Family Law Practitioners
  • Litigation Specialists 
  • Local Government Councils
  • Auditors
To aid in conducting intensive our complex research SAI Global Property provides Encompass as a visual searching and relationship mapping tool. To learn more about Encompass please click here.
For more information on these services please follow these links for more information or call our friendly Help Desk on 1300 730 000.

SAI Global Property help desk

Need Help? Call 1300 730 000. Our knowledgeable and friendly team are ready to help.

SAI Global Property


Partnering with businesses to enable them to develop, transfer, and understand the ownership of property in Australia. 

SAI Global Property development

Property Development

Fast convenient access to property information, knowledge and research experience.

SAI Global Property transfer

Property Transfer

Enabling the effecient transfer of property by integrating conveyancing solutions, information searching and settlement services.

SAI Global Property ownership

Property Ownership

Fast convenient access to property information utilising enhanced research technologies.

SAI Global Property personal & business information

Personal & Business Information

Fast convenient access to Business and Personal information utilising enhanced research technologies.