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Australian Property Transfer

Ensuring our clients’ customers move into their homes on the day they expect

Settlements are the centrepiece of SAI Global Property’s service offering. 
All services are designed to:-
  • Shorten the time between the signing of loan documents and settlement,
  • Flag potential settlement issues at the earliest point that they are detectable,
  • Provide a transparent and collaborative process for all parties,
  • Ensure the Settlement is purely a transaction, not a negotiation,
  • Ensure that post settlement, the title and security are registered in the shortest possible time.
SAI Global Property’s settlement services benefit your customers by:
  • Ensuring that they have sufficient time to re-sign documents or attend to provide more information, if required,
  • Ensuring that their chosen legal representative has sufficient information to confidently arrange settlement,
  • Ensuring that their chosen legal representative has the ability to easily raise and resolve potential issues with the bank without affecting the anticipated settlement date,
  • Giving them confidence that all parties are proactively working toward their home ownership.

Quality Delivery

ISO9001 compliant processes:
  • SAI Global Property's National Operations and the Mortgage Processing unit in Southport achieved ISO9001 reaccreditation in May 2012

Take-on Model and Documented Touch Points

  • SAI Global has developed a proven method to onboard new customers 
  • SAI Global’s methodology was developed to ensure that the implementation of additional processes does not affect the quality of service delivery to existing clients
  • Within the discovery phase, the details of the process are captured and agreed to by all stakeholders.  A feature of the discovery process is the documenting of touch point criteria.  Touch points are essentially a list of the minimum requirements for work transitioning between companies and internal departments.
  • SAI Global Property’s take-on model has been tested and proven successful – References are available upon request.

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SAI Global Property


Partnering with businesses to enable them to develop, transfer, and understand the ownership of property in Australia. 

SAI Global Property development

Property Development

Fast convenient access to property information, knowledge and research experience.

SAI Global Property transfer

Property Transfer

Enabling the effecient transfer of property by integrating conveyancing solutions, information searching and settlement services.

SAI Global Property ownership

Property Ownership

Fast convenient access to property information utilising enhanced research technologies.

SAI Global Property personal & business information

Personal & Business Information

Fast convenient access to Business and Personal information utilising enhanced research technologies.