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Partnering with businesses to enable them to develop, transfer, and understand the ownership of property in Australia. 

SAI Global Property development

Property Development

Fast convenient access to property information, knowledge and research experience.

SAI Global Property transfer

Property Transfer

Enabling the efficient transfer of property by integrating conveyancing solutions, information searching and settlement services.

SAI Global Property ownership

Property Ownership

Fast convenient access to property information utilising enhanced research technologies.

SAI Global Property personal & business information

Personal & Business Information

Fast convenient access to Business and Personal information utilising enhanced research technologies.

The future of Electronic Settlements with SAI Global.

SAI Global’s Settlement Room is an electronic property transfer platform incorporating Information Searching, Conveyancing Workflow, Settlement Verification and Booking systems. This is the only system in Australia with scale that takes a holistic approach to Property Transfer from both the Lending and Conveyancing sides of the transaction.

SAI Global Property, with its strong position as major supplier to both the Conveyancing and Mortgage industry, has been able to leverage its unique market position to develop a platform that allows unprecedented efficiency and line of sight between all parties involved in a property transfer.

A line of sight between parties before settlement allows the online verification and validation of settlement details prior to settlement, reducing failure rates and removing process bottlenecks.

SAI Global Property are leading the electronic settlment evolution. We are positioning that both Conveyancing Manager and Settlement Room to be integrated with the PEXA platform to provide electronic settlement capabilities while continuing to have the national capabilities to complete physical settlement services as required.

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SAI Global Property are leading the electronic settlements evolutions with: