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Risk Assessments

Effective organizations understand and proactively manage their risks

Risk is an inevitable part of every organization. By using an integrated and proactive approach to managing risk, an organization can control the negative consequences and exploit opportunities for growth and success. Risk management is about building confidence and gaining competitive advantage by minimizing control failures, realizing corporate objectives and improving organizational value.

Learn more about our risk management assessments.

Identify improvement opportunities in your supply chain

SAI Global offers a comprehensive portfolio of risk management auditing services for customers and their supply chains. Our Risk Management portfolio includes:
  • Supplier Risk Assessments
  • Social Accountability
  • Environmental Performance Management
Learn more about how we help you build a workplace of integrity.

Assess your risk profile and develop systematic plans and controls to mitigate risk

Our risk assessments evaluate and profile business and organizational culture risk in your organization to help you:
  • Identify critical risk areas (including third party risk as identified in UK Bribery Act) and control gaps, including the impact of organizational culture
  • Collate risk assessment results
  • Provide and validate your risk profile
  • Develop a systematic plan
  • Identify training and communications
Search our Standards, Codes and Specifications for publications that will help you minimize risk in an increasingly global economy.

Leverage Standards to manage your risk

Embed a risk management culture into your organization based on globally accepted Standards that:
  • include the management of potential gains as well as losses;
  • can be applied to a very wide range of activities, decisions or operations;
  • are suitable for any public, private or community enterprise, group or individual; and
  • are independent of any specific industry or economic sector.