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Ensure you have the latest technical requirements and specifications related to global metals and materials information plus components used within US military industries.

A technical information subscription for multiple users and sites

These collections are simple way to provide staff, across the business, with ongoing access to the most up-to-date Standards, databases of parts and suppliers, metal grades, manufacturers, or materials requirements. By subscribing to the service, you are better placed to manage compliance and risk, ensure effectiveness and achieve organisational excellence.

Access as many times as you want, wherever you want

  • Easy access to relevant information
  • An efficient way of managing risk, operating competitively and meeting the legal obligations of the business
  • Certainty you are referencing the latest editions with automatic updates
  • Large database of technical information related to metals, military and materials

Specific subject areas so you only get what you need

Our Technical Specifications Databases cover the following areas:

Metals Infobase
A database of metals grades, global equivalents, applicable international Standards and available suppliers, significant costs can be save when researching and sourcing metals.
Materials Infobase
A database which contains information of non-metallic materials, Standards and suppliers, assisting organisations when sourcing their materials requirements.
LOGICOM Military Parts, Suppliers and Logistics
A database of parts and suppliers for US Government procurement and commercial enterprise, allowing users to find new and replacement parts instantly.
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Bridge the gap of standards changes

Identify risks from changing Standardsi2i Gap

Monitor the impact on the business when Standards and regulatory information change.

Manage internal policies & Standards

The internal editing process can be made more simplei2i Participate

Create, collaborate & circulate internal documents easily with this online publishing service.

Manage Standards Collections Easily

Access Standards online for your businessAccess Standards Content

Staff can access the most up-to-date Standards, wherever, whenever they want.