Manage internal policies and standards in one system

Creating content for multiple stakeholders to use often needs to be more dynamic and easily updated in a changing regulatory environment. Many corporate Standards and policies are only effective with user feedback and peer review shaping the development of information.

Easy collaboration of policies and Standards

i2i Participate enables organizations to share the editing process involved in creating internal documents. You can create, compare, collaborate and circulate policies to all relevant staff within a single online publishing environment.

Simple and effective workflows

  • Build rich metadata linking documents such as Standards, regulations, policies and audits
  • Invite others to shape content with reviews, comments and supporting information
  • Multiple layers of sign-off can be configured
  • Rate content, schedule tasks, monitor progress and changes or reuse content
  • Publish into multiple formats such as html, PDF, Word, ePub and InDesign ready files

i2i Participate enables organizations to create collaborative content that is accessible and easy to maintain.

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Bridge the gap of standards changes

Identify risks from changing Standardsi2i Gap

Monitor the impact on the business when Standards and regulatory information change.

Manage Standards Collections Easily

Access Standards online for your businessAccess Standards Content

Staff can access the most up-to-date Standards, wherever, whenever they want.