Alerts to help you track Standards changes

With the vast number of new, amended or revised Standards releases from hundreds of publishers every month, it can be difficult tracking all the Standards changes relevant to your business. Referring to an outdated withdrawn or superseded Standard may have a major impact on compliance, risk management and quality assurance.

Standards notifications relevant to you

Tailored Updating can take the stress and time out of figuring out what's changed, by directly notifying you as and when a Standard is revised, amended or cancelled.

You can also easily request to automatically receive copies of all updated Standards as they change.

Tailored Updating gives you the confidence of knowing that your Standards collection is always up-to-date.


Bridge the gap of standards changes

Identify risks from changing Standardsi2i Gap

Monitor the impact on the business when Standards and regulatory information change.

Manage Standards Collections Easily

Access Standards online for your businessAccess Standards Content

Staff can access the most up-to-date Standards, wherever, whenever they want.

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