Manage your Standards collection online

You can make the most of Standards and technical information by ensuring they are easily accessible throughout your organization.

A Standards subscription for multiple users and sites

An online PDF collection is a simple way to provide staff, across the business, with ongoing access to the most up-to-date relevant Standards. By subscribing to an online library of the Standards you need, you are better placed to manage compliance and risk, ensure effectiveness and achieve organizational excellence.

From an extensive database of global Standards, you can customise your subscription to the organization’s needs, creating a single-source reference point for staff with access to the complete text of publications. The Watch feature will send you an automated notification if that Standard is updated so that you can check your own internal compliance to the information.

Collaboration with your own internal best-practice documents

You can store, link and watch your own internal documents, drawings, photographs and best practice guidelines alongside Standards, creating a holistic, personalized and core reference point for all staff within the organization. With controlled access, you can also allow the supply chain access, sharing the compliance knowledge further within your operations.

Your source for easily managing worldwide Standards

i2i Standards Platform provides:

  • Tagging, bookmarking and adding notes or links to documents
  • Flexible, customized collections and groups with different access
  • Quick viewing without waiting for large documents to download
  • An efficient way of managing risk and meeting the legal obligations of the business
  • Certainty you are referencing the latest editions with automatic updates
  • Multilingual languages – English, French, Italian, German and Spanish
  • Choice from over 1 million Standards and Directives from key Standards Developing Organizations

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