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About SAI Global Training

Learning that Supports Real Business Needs

SAI Global uses established methods and offers the latest learning approaches to our clients that will enable:

  • Increased awareness of standards, management systems and the latest business improvement frameworks and techniques;
  • Effective implementation of management systems and assurance programs;
  • Enhance capability to audit and maintain your internal management systems;
  • Driving waste and defects out from processes to enhance desired outcomes;
  • Going beyond compliance to achieve other critical business objectives and goals;
  • Building a culture of continuous improvement across organisational systems and processes, based on enhanced knowledge and capability

Engaging and Flexible Learning from Experts in their Field

Our clients benefit from course content which is informed and tailored to the needs of business and is delivered to suit all stages of learning.
You can choose from training services that address key business management systems, including Quality Management, Occupational Health & Safety, Environmental Management, Information Security and Food Safety, or in the realm of process and performance improvement, we offer tools to enhance critical processes and ensure alignment to business goals and objectives, including Process Management and Governance, Lean, Six Sigma and Business Excellence.
Our learning personnel comprise auditors, business improvement specialists and consultants who offer both teaching skills and hands-on industry expertise that they apply and pass on in the learning setting. 

The Benefits: Maximising Your Business Investment

We empower organisations and their people to implement and maintain effective management systems and process improvement programs by equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills which will deliver:

  • Improved quality and consistency
  • Higher customer satisfaction and fewer complaints
  • Reduced cost due to inefficiency or rework
  • Productivity gains through people and process
  • Increased profitability
  • Engaged and empowered staff
  • Better Risk Management
  • Systems that support your current and future goals
  • Lasting improvements and sustainable performance


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Call us on: +82 2 583 1823~5 Free Call: +080 860 9001