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Increasingly, customers, regulatory bodies and the community are demanding that organisations demonstrate responsible environmental performance, provide a safe working environment, quality products and services, and effective food safety practices. An integrated management system allows businesses to manage product and service quality, workplace safety, food safety and environmental issues whilst avoiding unnecessary duplication. This saves your organisation time, money and resources.

The following training courses are specifically designed to benefit those wishing to develop or consolidate knowledge and practice in integrating management systems.

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Diploma of Quality Auditing BSB51607click hereclick here
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Auditing an Integrated Management Systemclick hereclick here
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“As most organisations across all sectors are moving towards Integrated Systems, it is imperative that practitioners understand the steps in developing and auditing an integrated Management System.

The Integrated Management Systems course looks at how using
AS/NZS 4581:1999 in an organisation can combine common elements of their management system to avoid duplication.

Using much the same approach, the Auditing Integrated Management Systems course shows auditors how to prepare and deliver an itnegrated audit and how to avoid costly duplication of auditing the same process using different Standards”.

David Gray
Integrated Management Systems Trainer
SAI Global